About Us

Yail Pharma is a leading Israeli provider of a wide variety of solutions to protect environmentally sensitive products.
We provide services to the following industries:

* Pharmaceutical
* Chemical
* Biotechnological

Yail Pharma is part of Yail Noa group, one of Israel’s leading industrial companies.
The company’s products are effective in protecting products such as drugs and chemicals from the damaging effects of exposure to moisture, humidity, oxygen and temperature. The company offers protective packaging maintaining humidity and an oxygen-controlled environment.Yail Pharma supplies distributors of products of international market leaders such as Desiccants, O2 scavenger, Barrier Foils, Humidity Indicators, Anti Static Equipment, Sud Chemie and Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals Company .
Our customers include leading Israeli drug manufacturers and chemical producers including: Teva, Taro Pharmaceutical, Savion Diagnostics, CTS, Perrigo, Maabarot Products, Gadot Group, Dead Sea Bromine and Dead Sea Works.
We are committed to the highest quality and our products meet the strictest international quality standards.

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