About Us

Since its establishment over 45 years, Yail Noa 1995 Ltd. gaines its reputation as a leading manufacturer of assemblies and sub assemblies, mechanical systems and components.


Yail Noa 1995 Ltd. integrates development engineering capabilities, along with production engineering and high manufacturing technical skills.

The company employs engineers, technicians and professional workers in production, quality assurance and marketing, who masters state of the art manufacturing technologies, including:


• CNC Lathing, 15”/24” Dia x 49” Length
• CNC Milling, 60” x 40” x 30”
• Conventional Milling and Lathing
• Welding: CO 2 , argon ,T.I.G and M.I.G. , 
• Armor Steels, Aluminum, ST.ST
• Assembling Department
• Painting
• Surface Grinding
• “Cimatron”  CAD/CAN software


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