About Us


Yail Aerotec, a member of the Yail Noa Group, specializes in technological solutions for improving the efficiency of production and assembly processes in the Aviation, Metal and Defense industries.

Yail Aerotec focuses its activity in three principal technologies :

• Aircraft construction  
• Processing of metallic and complex materials
• Fabrication and installation of assemblies


Yail Aerotec represents world leading manufacturers of mechanical structure hardware, as well as quality pneumatic tools, special cutting tools, Torque control hand tools and Tourqe calibration systems.


Yail Aerotec's experience and highly skilled professional team accompanies its customers through the initial evaluating process to a fully implemented solution.

Among Yail Aerotec customers are leading companies in Israel, such as: Ministry of Defense, IAI, Rafael, Elbit Systems, Kanfit Ltd.,Cyclone and more.

Using a combination of know-how, quality, technological innovation and advanced human engineering, we provide our clients with efficiency and improvement of production processes and a partnership in the creation of a competitive advantage which places them at the cutting edge of Israeli and international industry.

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